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英特曼集团业务主要集中在中国、亚太和欧洲,尤其是北欧地区,产品主要针对建筑安装电气、综合布线系统和网络通信产品,生产、研发及物流仓库主要坐落在中国、挪威、瑞典和芬兰,经过多年耕耘建立了遍布中国和北欧的销售及服务中心,全球员工约1000多人。 英特曼电气(上海)有限公司是英特曼集团的全资公司。主要提供综合布线系统和数据中心系统解决方案。



The business of Interman Group is mainly concentrated in China, Asia Pacific and Europe, especially in the Nordic region. The products are mainly aimed at building installation electrical, integrated wiring systems and network communication products. The production, R&D and logistics warehouses are mainly located in China, Norway, Sweden and Finland. , After years of hard work, it has established sales and service centers throughout China and northern Europe, with more than 1,000 employees worldwide.Interman Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned company of Interman Group. Mainly provide integrated wiring system and data center system solutions.

Interman Shanghai Electric focuses on providing multimedia transmission services such as data, voice and video based on industry standards in the field of wiring. It can not only provide high-quality product series, but also provide users with customized products and services. The product range covers from Cat3 to Cat8 UTP, S/FTP copper cable series: including various twisted pair cables, network modules, jumpers, patch panels, panels, large-pair copper cables, etc. The optical fiber series includes various indoor and outdoor optical cables, optical fiber jumpers , fiber optic adapters, pigtails, low-loss pre-connected MPO/MTP fiber optic systems, optical modules, and cabinet rack systems, etc.

The company has obtained a number of certifications and qualifications, and all products and services meet or exceed recognized international and domestic industry standards. International authoritative certification.

With a team with rich industry experience, Interman Shanghai Electric provides comprehensive services for digital network construction in various fields such as medical care, education, finance, manufacturing, public security, electric power, meteorological services, and oil exploration, and provides intelligent and high-reliability transmission. Standardized products and industry-leading solutions can also meet the needs of different customers and provide cost-effective product customization and design services.

Interman Shanghai Electric is committed to providing high-quality integrated wiring system products and advanced data center solutions.


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